Looking For Mr. Goodvoice

life of brianI recently decided to create an audiobook for my new novel, which is not even officially released yet. Little did I know, that I was entering a beauty contest. Amazon has a great site for finding narrators and posting a listing, but the problem is that ten hundred thousand million other authors are also listing their latest creation.

Jesus on the hillSo how do you stand out above the crowd unless you’re name is Jim Grisham, K.J. Rowling or Don Brown? Naked bodies on the book cover seem to help, but I haven’t looked good in a swimming suit since 8th grade. Maybe I’ll try a book title like “Gun With the Wind” or “One Hundred Years of Attitude.”

Don PardoI don’t know. What would I do with a narrator once they agreed to produce my book anyway? Do I direct them and coach them on each character, or do I let them run wild and interpret whatever feels right for the moment. You know, bring back “word jazz” or some other free spirited movement.

Now that I think about it, the computer generated default voice doesn’t really sound that bad. Maybe I’ll just bypass the anxiety and frustration and stick with that.

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