Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

I may be going off topic with this post but that depends on whether you consider “biatching” a form of “raising hell” or not. If so, please read on.iinverted apple log

I’ve always been one to think outside the box but sometimes I don’t understand what the people at Apple are up to. The last few releases of new versions of iTunes or OS X have led me to believe that their creative staff must get their kicks by going to blind people’s houses and rearranging the furniture.

rotten apple 2
Hello! If anyone at Apple is reading this post, please note that just moving around a few tabs and buttons does not warrant calling your new version an upgrade. Taking buttons that once had names and replacing them with a generic looking squiggly mark inside a box is not innovation, it’s aggravation.

I could go on for hours but I think I’ve made my point.